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DriveBoot is an online performance marketing company that operates in various lucrative niches.

Well, it wasn't always the case. In fact, we started our operations back in 2014, as wordpress-specific web hosting company, with web servers located in Los Angeles, that was geared towards Bloggers, SEOs and Affiliate Marketers. As the time passed, we got involved so much into this thing called the "affiliate marketing," that we had to end that part of the business, and just focus on building traffic for other established brands.

We also have another website called A Bitter Web Hosting Story, that has an interesting take on the modern-day web hosting companies, particularly in the context of emerging dotcom entrepreneurs.

Oh, by the way, you may want to check out a social experiment we did on A2Hosting in order to review their services. This page is gaining quite a bit of popularity on the internet, over time.

Google will still show references of us being a web hosting firm, especially, on websites like Crunchbase, HostAdvice, HostSearch, and even Glassdoor. Yea, we need to do more to remove that cruft from the internet, but are too busy - doing what really matters - or perhaps being pure lazy. But, the message does go across from this page.

But, hey, if something changes in the future - say, we think about reintroducing paid hosting services - you'll know. Never say never, they say. Or, was that Justin Beiber. ;)

Coming back...

We have a portfolio of dozens of websites that promote physical as well as digital products and services of well-known companies on the internet.

Although the requests come in from time to time, we do not provide direct SEO consultancy; because most of our work is done on the buy-side of the online affiliate marketing industry. This means that instead of selling SEO services, we ourselves engage in advertising for other companies  - we put our money where the mouth is.

Thus, DriveBoot is a business holding company for our private network. It acts as the parent company for all our online affiliate marketing ventures.

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